Excerpts from Cream Palms and Mesa Spirits

Cocoa and cream rock rise
above the mossy green streams
sheltering the virgin wildlife,
and fresh greenery from nature's wrath.

Cream Palms

Nestled on the East Mesa plain,
is a place named Mesa Spirit,
where you will find
peace and nirvana.

Mesa Spirit

Canyons of formidable fear
transversed by
chasms of death and destruction
death to life -- fear to joy

Laughlin Living

Ho Ho Cams, citizens extraordinaire,
Your canals remind me of Mars,
Your souls blown away,
Like sand in the wind.

Ho Ho Cams

Amber waves streak across the sky
making for a majestic evening.
Purple mountains swathed in indigo
on the far horizon become as one.

Night Approaches

Oceans of orange waves,
Lilac crests,
Atop the azure skyline.
Variations of awe strike me.

Ocean Breezes on a Desert Shore

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