Excerpts from Backlit Palms and Sidewalk Dreams

Cool and misty light filters through the clouds
Bringing a pastel stillness in its light.
A backlit glory to the palms
making them muted and calm.

Backlit Palms

Bright yellow rays of the sun
glistening on the chalky sidewalk
drawn by a childish hand
primitive in art, but great in feeling
this childish carefree drawing
on the sidewalk of life.

Sidewalk Dreams

Dark pink light of the setting sun,
turns to dark blue so gradually
in the fading light of the day.
Fading fast to be replaced by the
twinkling stars.

Sunset on the Palms

Starkly beautiful stand the palms
in the fading light of the day.
That is so calm and clear.
The outline of the palms fades so
gently in the night.

Palms in the Fading Light

Red and white lights, gathered in the
signal a time for Christmas in
Southern California.
The nights are cold and clear,
but, are made warm by Christmas

The Palms of Christmas

Pink fingers of light
abound in the fading twilight.
Shades of lavender and mauve
make a little cove.

Moments in Time

Palm trees
flowing in the breeze.
A canopy of azure sky
covering their heights.

Primeval Palm

Yellowing palms set against
the clear blue sky.
Changing from Nile green to
as their ailments progress.

Palm Trees Refrain

Oh leaves of fall,
why do you fall?
Why are branches so bare?
When everyone is in despair?

Leaves of Fall

Frisky, frolicking kitty cats
merrily traipsing across the mats.
What do you see?
Playing on the green..

Frisky Kitties and Shadow Boxing

Frisky, frolicking kitty cats
merrily traipsing across the mats.
What do you see?
Playing on the green.

Mockingbird Blues

Christmas cheer is here.
Reds and Greens are here.
Skies are blue and sunny
everyone acts funny!
Now that Christmas is here.

Chrismas Color Cheer

Cactus blooming in purple and white
Brighten the day,
white and cold
as the Sonoran Desert.

Cactus Blooms of Christmas

Holly berries gleam in the rain
Shining with a holiday glow,
That makes my heart sing
Although, a chill in the air, pervades the atmosphere.

Holly Berries Glistening

The pearlescent gray mist of morn
are gradually replaced under the sun.
By the gray and dark blue skies
swirling in the heavens.

Pearl Grey Christmas

Yellow rose, blooming in the sun, 
single, perfect -- so golden. 
Reminding me, that the golden sun, 
will come out again, on this rainy day.

Yellow Rose Marvel

Oh, how fresh and crystal clear 
is the sky of this New Year. 
Symbolizing, out with the old and gray
and in with new and blue.

Clear Skies of New Year in California

Crescent moon gleaming in the clear night. 
Shine on! Your majestic glory, 
guides the prophets on their journey. 
To foresee what is to be.

Crescent Moon Glory

Old and gnarled pepper tree 
that blows in the winds of time, 
what memories do you hold?

Gnarled Pepper Tree

Blue and white sky in the morn,
gives way to bright blue skies in the midday,
cold and clear the bright skylight
promised warmth will soon be here.

Skies of Christmas

The light blue of sky
the air so fresh,
after the cleansing rains,
makes everything seem new.

Light After Storm

Silvery wisps of clouds abound
across the changing sky of late afternoon.
Silver bells twinkling in the Christmas season
bringing tidings of good cheer.

Silver Clouds and Blustery Days

Cold and dry are the winter winds
when all seems at an end. 
Clear and cool are the nights. 
Winter is giving a good fight.

Winter Winds

Blue and white
skies first sight
after storm clouds
disappearing at midday.

Kaleidescope of Time

Blackness of day,
storm clouds rising, 
erase the blue sky, 
hope and optimism gone.

Storm Clouds of Death

Mustard yellow, is the broad of the leaf,
a splash of raspberry at the tip, 
blending in the mustard, 
with a flourish.

The Hint of Summer

Roses blooming by bright oranges
bright red and bright orange
behind an ochre wall
remind me of fall.

Roses Amidst the Oranges

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