The Palms of Christmas

Red and white lights, gathered in the palms,
Signal a time for Christmas in Southern California.
The nights are cold and clear,
But, are made warm by Christmas cheer.

How different is the celebration
Than any other particular region
Where lights are strung on firs and pines,
Instead of palm, but do not pine,
For the Christmas of years past,
Instead, enjoy a fine repast.

The oranges and lemons of fall
Are ripe and ready for a fine Christmas dinner,
Southern California style.

So gather under the gaily decorated palms,
With their garlands of red poinsettia plants beneath, as a gay backdrop,
And eat the fruits of the fall.
One so luscious and sweet, the other so tart and tangy.

Deepening days of Christmas cheer
When all is warm and clear.
Palm trees and tropical nights,
Exotic beauty in the midst of winter, are the
Palm trees at Christmas time.


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