Excerpts from Date Palms and Arizona Skies

Date palms delight
in being out of character.
Planted in sublime places
absorbing different values.

Date Palms

Flashes of gold
like eruptions of fire
appear on the far horizon
Arizona skies ~ what a feast!

Arizona Skies

Cool pink soothing the sky at dusk ~
like Pepto Bismol soothes hot chili peppers
~ the aftermath of a sizzling Mexican fiesta, bringing a sense of relief
to the jangled nerves of commuters ~ who watch the sky.

Jacaranda Resurrection

Ethnic cleansing does not remove
the stigma of massacre,
nor remove color stains.

Ethnic Cleansing

In the path of the Superstitions
love lingers
gazing in awe at this magnificent marvel
the variegated hues haunt ones soul.

In the Path of the Superstitions

Snow that glows as we
float to Globe
on tires dedicated to love
set for a lifetime.

Floating to Globe

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Floating to Globe

In the Path of the Supestitions

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