Floating to Globe

Snow that glows as we
float to Globe
on tires dedicated to love
set for a lifetime.

On a day of gray mists
and ebony shadows
lending character to jagged crags and majestic peaks
our feet traverse this much loved road.

Past a hamlet leaving the impression of pre-historic Bedrock
snubbing this primitive place and
choosing Besh Ba Gowah instead ~ for entertainment
where the real savages are commemorated.

Besh Ba Gowah ~ comprised of clay
interspersed with boulders ~ a multi hued marvel
of turquoise, flamingo, cream and ivory;
ruins that mask dark secrets.

Destroyers of culture ~ killers of Ho Ho Cams
plagiarizing their style
taking credit for their accomplishments
and now being honored by the gilded ones.

Be that as it may ~ we don’t care!
We’re just two middle aged teenagers
having a good time enjoying the sun and each other
floating to Globe.

© 2003 by Rosemary Winters Tracey


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