Early Nightfall by the Sea

Light gray sprinkled with light blue
are the skies of this late afternoon.
Fingers of gray like doves wings
permeate the light blue aura.

A gentle breeze stirs the atmosphere
laden with salt from the sea.
Leaving the air refreshing and crystalline
sanitized by the salty air.

Gently, clouds roll in from the sea.
Rolling in as the waves do on the beach
when the sea is calm
alongside the waving palms.

A golden light suddenly appears
amidst the shimmering atmosphere
ushering in an early nightfall
by its flaming climax.

Bathing the palms in intergalactic fire
like a cometís tail
shooting down misunderstandings
I behold the early Nightfall by the Sea.

In all its power.

© 2004 by Rosemary Winters Tracey


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