Flowers on an Early Spring Day

Orange flowers of nasturtiums
of late, blooming in the early spring.
Arising from the ground
in a profusion of riotous color.

Orange flowers of poppy
a symbol of the Golden State.
Symbolizing the golden sunshine
or, the dreams of vagabonds.

Orange blossoms of lantana
a robust bloom, on a rugged plant.
rough and ready, the bush may be
but the blossoms have a complex engraving.

Orange blooms of morning glory
emerging every day to greet the sun.
which rises earlier
while the period progresses.

All the oranges, of the season
reminds us, that winterís chill departs.
Stark contrasts, the blue sky and orange flowers
mix to astonish us.

© 1999 by Rosemary Winters Tracey


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