Mosaics of a New Era

Black, white, mustard,
Nile green, and royal blue ceramic tiles
represent the mosaics
symbols of a new era.

Obverse and reverse designs
face each other in complex
pattern of light and shadow
enhancing the beauty of this courtyard
edging the train station of the past.
The center contains a
babbling water fountain
filled with the waters of life.
Edged by palms
having a garden of golden amaryllis
at their feet ~ like a perfect picture frame.

Intriguing to the eye
this strange scenario
simple center ~ and complex edge
bringing to mind
modern man and the
trappings of this new era.

Both trapped in the
complexities of the modern age.
Which ~ for better or worse
we must all cope with.

1999 by Rosemary Winters Tracey


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