Contrast of Gnarled and Delicate

Lime green gently blending into grass
upon the delicate leaves of this desert plant.
Your beautifully soft lilac flowers
ever so gently nestle within the leaves.

This delicate plant blooms ever so sweetly
amidst the hardy roses and daisies
its color brought to life
by the contrast of the hearty plant life.

Separated by a hedge is the gnarled old pepper tree.
One would think it inhabits another world.
The old and its memories
and the new and its promises.

But the two balance out each other
the gnarled old pepper tree and the delicate desert plant.
One so old and rough, battered by life
and the other so young and delicate ~ yet to taste life.

But both are renewed again by the life
around them that abounds.
The hearty and beautiful roses that have
a delicate flower of their own
and the daisy seemingly delicate ~ but tough.

Its flowers so clean and pure
mingling with and blending together
gnarled old pepper tree and
delicate flowers of this desert plant.

1999 by Rosemary Winters Tracey


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