Geysers of Light

Geysers of light
shooting water out of the hard pavement.
Displaying red, green, orange and white lights
illuminate this magic fountain.

Silently strumming a tune
of its own choreographed design.
Its playfulness attracts
feelings of whimsy in the souls of humanity.

To the hobos
their one chance at carefree play.
To the tourists
a magic wonderland.
To the hard working natives
a time of wonderment.

As night approaches
the beams light up the ebony sky
bringing a variance of color
to a bland world.

In daylight
the colors are muted.
Instead ~ the syncopated rhythms
are the main attraction.

Parallels in a perfect universe
these geysers of light
enhancing both the day
and the night.

1999 by Rosemary Winters Tracey


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